Your website can be seen as your online identity or your online address. Statistics show 85% of your clients are online daily. At West Entertainment Records we have the creativity, technical ability, deep understanding of brands businesses and target market skills that will effectively support your brand or business objectives. We’re ready to design your website today. The question is, Are you?

What is a static website?

A Static Website (sometimes called a flat or stationary web page) is displayed in a web browser exactly as it is stored. It contains web pages with fixed content coded in HTML and stored on a web server. It does not change, it stays the same, or "static" for every viewer of the site. An example of a static website is a website, designed for an artist, an athlete, a school, a record label etc... The main reason is because the info for such entities rarely changes. 

What is a dynamic website?

A dynamic Website (also referred to as a database-driven site) requires web programming and database design. A dynamic website contains information and content that changes, depending on factors such as the viewer of the site, the time of the day, the time zone, or the native language of the country the viewer). The content of your site (text/images) is stored on a database or content management system. When the information is updated or changed within the database, it changes on the site. Dynamic sites are part of the Web 2.0 community of sites and allow for interactivity between the site owner and site visitors or users

An example of a dynamic website is a website designed for a clothing store, a bank, an online market, an artist or athlete with interactive online stores included on their static page etc..

Cost of a static website?

At West Entertainment Records  we charge based on your  requirements. Send us an email and get a free quotation today.

Cost of a dynamic website?

The cost for a dynamic website depends on what type of information, or E-commerce user interface you require on your dynamic website. Send us an email and get a free quotation today.

When will my website be ready?

After the agreement has been made to design your website, you will get a date in which your website will be ready and uploaded online for the world to see.

How do I get started?

Well that's easy. Contact us today through email, whatsapp or cellphone (gsm) for a quotation for your brand new website, in whatever name you choose. Click on our contact page  to contact us.

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