Music production

West entertainment record music production was designed to  give singers, musicians, songwriters, filmmakers, audiobook producers, audio poem makers, audio advertiser's and podcasters the access to fluent sound engineering.

We can help you produce your projects from zero to hundred. We additionally have a large library of samples and sound effects to spice up your project. We also have a large network of talented beats producers and sound engineers so we never lack idea's. 

West entertainment record can start your project together with you today "writing, recording, mixing, mastering and online distribution to Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Google play, Deezer, Medianet, Youtube, Pandora etc.." depending on the areas you want us to work on with you on your project.

At west entertainment record we listen to you and help make your dream projects come through. If necessary we can come to your house or hotel and create an instant mobile studio for your project. Contact us today and let's put your dream to reality.

Music production  via online

Since the creation of  large files transfer through the internet, it is possible to produce a record through the internet. We can literally feature an artist in another country on your music and the artist won't need to step a foot in west entertainment records music recording studio. Want to see how it works ? Book an appointment  today.

Mobile music production

Some of today's laptops  are well equipped with the neccessary system requirements to run a music production software without any problems. This is the reason we can record anywhere we want with just minimum setup. Did you know Kanye West and Jay-Z recorded the album "Watch The Throne" in a hotel.  

We can come to your house or your hotel and setup a mobile music production studio specially for you to make your dream music come through and then take the recordings to our studio for mixing and mastering. Want to see how it works ? Book an appointment  today.

Audio marketing advertisement recording

Do you have a company or a business you think people should know about. Why not try out a audio marketing advertisement ? Where you put out what your company or business stands for in a 30 seconds audio advertisement and place the advertisement online and on air. This can greatly affect your business and bring a lot of clients to your doorstep. Do you want more clients? Then give our audio advertisement recording a chance today. Contact us now.

Travel to Belgium and record your music

Travel to Belgium and record your music at west entertainment records. We can help fix your hotel during your stay in Belgium and produce top notch music during your stay in Belgium. If neccessary we can also send you an invitation to submit at the embassy to get a visitation visa and during your visit to Belgium we can record your music before you leave the country.

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