Cost of videoclip production

 The cost of videoclip production depends on the idea of the videoclip. For example if your idea has got you riding a lamborghini during the video recording productions. This means your budget should have the renting of a lamborghini inside your video clip production budget. The video clip to the right titled "Oosie - Gone wrong" was recorded somewhere in Wielsbeke, we rented the full compound which included a sauna, jacuzzi, outside rain shower, bedrooms, pool, etc. and we shot the clip in one day and the result is what you are watching now. So a video clip cost really depends on you. 

If you are interested in shooting a videoclip please contact us asap and together with you we will figure out the cost of you music video clip production. westentrec@gmail.comofficialoosie@gmail.com

Videoclip production

West entertainment records video production is focused on delivering the best video production for your budget and ideas. If you do not have any idea, we will sit together and come up with ideas that fit your budget. A video production budget is the first step to take when it comes to videoclip production. If your idea includes a lot of luxury items but your budget is not enough to rent or buy these luxury items the clip becomes a wish instead of a dream come through, that's why we suggest you take a look at how much you are willing to put in your video clip before you get all sorts of ideas.

Whether it is a 4k video production  or a 8k video production, Ultra HD, HD we can deliver it in the agreed time frame. West entertainment records is young and dynamic with a mindset for success through connecting lifetime partners. This is the reason we do everything we can to make sure our clients are satisfied with the result of their video production.

Choosing a location for a video production is something very important because the nature of the location determines the result of record production before edit. So when putting up ideas for a video production west entertainment records can help you with suggestions from our past experiences and offer you different locations to choose from to start your video project. We also have a network of models for your idea storyline of your video project .


Types of productions

- Music video clip

- Business advertising video production 

- Corporate video production 

- Promotional video production 

- Conference video production

- Livestream 4k HD video production 

- Weddings ceremony 

- Entertainment Events

When will my videoclip be ready

After your video production has been fully edited, you will get a link to view the end result of the video production online and if there are any scenes you do not like, we will redo it. After viewing the video production and you approve it, then we will send the finished work to you immediately.

Video marketing Campaign 

Do you have a company or a business you think people should know about. Why not try out a video marketing campaign ? Where you put out what your company or business stands for in a 30 seconds video advertisement and place the advertisement online and on air. This can greatly affect your business and bring a lot of clients to your doorstep. Do you want more clients? Then give our video marketing campaign a chance today. Contact us now.

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