Oosie a.k.a "King Of The West"  originated from the west Africa country of Nigeria. He is the son of an elder man and has a direct ancestral bloodline to the royal dynasty of Oranmiyan. He is a musician, songwriter, performing artist, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Founder of Saint Valentine Foundation NGO Nigeria, founder of Saint Valentine VZW Belgium, Founder of West Entertainment Records.   A multi talented artist with a  prolific music writing skills. 

Oosie "King Of The West" lives in Gent. A small city which is about 57 kilometers from Brussels, the European Union's Capital. Oosie has been into music since his primary school days at the Igbinedion Education Centre Nigeria. He was the main vocalist for "Gospel gangster" and later one of the rap members of "Dope Geez" which he helped to create.

 He owns the master-copyright to all of his music catalogue which he produced himself through his own label West Entertainment Records. West Entertainment Records is mainly a music and music video clip production enterprise but also engages in other business solutions.  To book Oosie "King Of The West" for your event please send an email to westentrec@gmail.com, officialoosie@gmail.com with subject "Bookings"

Oosie "King Of The West"


Booking the artist Oosie "King Of The West" is very simple. All we require is the number of expected guest in addition with the location and how long you want the artist Oosie "King Of The West" to perform at your event. Upon receiving these info we will send you a quotation. Below are Oosie "King Of The West" concert set up time frame.

- 5 mins  e.g (A sweet 16 party)

- 15 mins e.g (A backup artist etc.)

- 30 mins e.g (A short concert)

- 1hr e.g (A festival etc.)​

(All bookings within the city of Gent get's a 10% discount) 

Please send an email to officialoosie@gmail.com or to westentrec@gmail.com to book Oosie "King Of The West" today!

Oosie "King Of The West" concert mix, consist of samples of  Oosie's songs you can expect at Oosie "King Of The West" concerts now and the upcoming year. Event organizers are sure to deduct bookings fee for the artist Oosie from their cost of event set up because Oosie is a registered artist with a registered Tax (VAT) nr: 0694.803.971. For more about booking the artist Oosie "King Of The West" please contact us today officialoosie@gmail.com or  westentrec@gmail.com

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